Welcome to the official gitbook for SEC vs. FOUR, a groundbreaking project that combines DeFi and meme culture. Along this doc, we will take you on a journey through every aspect of SECvsFOUR.
At the heart of SEC vs. FOUR is a clash between Gary Gensler and the SEC against the world of crypto. Even Binance, the largest centralized exchange, has not escaped this targeted attack. However, CZ, Binance's CEO, consistently advises the community to dismiss FUD, fake news, and attacks, referring to them as "Four" on his Twitter account.
This conflict inspired the concept behind SEC vs. FOUR, a platform where active participants are rewarded, and the community holds the power to shape the outcome. Join us as we dive into the mechanics, tokenomics, and exciting features of SEC vs. FOUR. Let's stand united in the face of adversity and champion the spirit of decentralized finance!
Are you ready to unleash the power of SEC vs. FOUR? Let's dive in and explore this revolutionary project together.
Last modified 8mo ago